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This week has been long. There was work stuff (so many
converse who white
This week has been long. There was work stuff (so many projects), the Eldest Niece’s graduation has been looming, sending out the rewrite request, SO MANY END OF THE YEAR THINGS FOR Z*, writing the obituary for our family friend, and helping my Mom write her speech for the funeral tomorrow, which I will be reading as she’s pretty sure she won’t be able to get through it. Oh, and ALL THE NEWS.

The high point of my days has been Sense8 with Mr Seldnei every night.

I mean, things are fine. It will all slow down. But fucking hell, I am *tired.*

*Pool party for meeting his reading goal all 4 quarters, STEM night, art class, the big water play day for the kids who got 0 referrals all year, some sort of random fun thing today, and thank god next week is the last week of school. We’re all ready to kiss 4th grade goodbye.

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