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Memorial service is done. I had to read my mom’s
converse who white
Memorial service is done. I had to read my mom’s speech. I cried. So did the rest of the church.

Actress/Director/Theatre Educator friend from high school was there, and I swear to god as soon as she gets her MFA and gets her ass back to this state we’re gonna get together at one of our houses and have a real chat about education and art and all sorts of stuff like that.

Also found out I nearly died by choking at the age of, like, three from the babysitter I haven’t seen in something like 20 years.

Now Mr Seldnei and I are home and crashed on the couch watching something on Crunchyroll that looks like Miyazaki decided to make a Lovecraft-influenced space opera. The boy is with my parents, with orders to hug Grammie a lot. I’m going to play Pokémon and stop contemplating the inevitability of death and the ongoing march of time.

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